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Oranjudio Recording Studio graciously partnered with Middle State to give our podcast a friendly home.  Already contributing to the Columbus music scene in their own way, the Oranjudio team is now helping us help you find out about Ohio artists, and bands passing through, that should be on your radar.  As for any musicians out there, it's a rock solid studio so check them out. 


HoneyHoney - Artist You Should Know

HoneyHoney - Artist You Should Know

Some bands make it easy for you to fall in love with them. 

HoneyHoney is the definition of that.  

They might not qualify as a "band" so much, but are a duo consisting of vocalized Ohioan Suzanne Santo, and musical partner Ben Jaffe.  It wasn't soon after we heard Santo sing,

"Don't know how to love you, when I'm not around"  (Don't Know How - Album: Billy Jack)

...that the love began to form.  Once an actress, when Santo met Mr. Jaffe, HoneyHoney came to existence to the joy of many listeners.  

Santo not only carries a strong presence on stage, and, in their liquor-heavy Joe Rogan Podcast sessions, but she brings that same spirited personality to their songwriting with lines like: 

"I don't want to fight with you babe / but it's just that you've been in my way lately / and I'm feeling bad about feeling crazy / oh I don't want to fight with you now" (Yours to Bear - Album: 3)

They've had some ups and downs over their career, and haven't had the commercial success that their fans hope they will one day receive, but the Ben and Suzanne duo is something to witness.  It not only creates fans, but devoted fans at that.  

If you catch this post in time, they are playing at The Basement in Columbus, OH on June 23. We'll be in attendance, and if you're reading this, we hope you will be as well.  To get you more aquatinted with this multi-instrumental duo, here are some more of our favorite songs and online performances.

Back to You 

Don't Know How

Watchya Gonna Do Now 

I Lost It (Lucinda Williams cover) 


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