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Oranjudio Recording Studio graciously partnered with Middle State to give our podcast a friendly home.  Already contributing to the Columbus music scene in their own way, the Oranjudio team is now helping us help you find out about Ohio artists, and bands passing through, that should be on your radar.  As for any musicians out there, it's a rock solid studio so check them out. 


John Moreland | Artist to Know

John Moreland | Artist to Know

"Here's another song in G, here's some more pitch black poetry" is the opening line from the 2011 album Everything the Hard Way by John Moreland and the Dust Bowl Souls.  That sentiment has seemed to act as a guiding principle for Moreland over his next three albums (Avalon, Into the Throes, and High on Tulsa Heat).  With lines like...

- "I'm so damn good at sorrow, and you don't care for me enough to cry"                     (High on Tulsa Heat / You Don't Care for Me Enough to Cry" 


- "Babe I know, this world will have the wolves outside your door, make you leave all that you love to fight a war, and never tell you what you're dying for"                                  (High on Tulsa Heat / title track, High on Tulsa Heat)

It's almost immediately evident that John Moreland is a little more in tune with the side of life most people try to avoid.  Whether it's an inability to forget, or the ability to live in those moments, John Moreland has it, and it's a special thing.  

Some of our favorite songs: 

Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars 

Break My Heart Sweetly  (appearance on The Late Show with Colbert) 

Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore

He quiets a room every time he starts to play, powerful lyrics sung with conviction.  Here are his tour dates, go be quieted.  

Kathleen Edwards | Artist to Know

Kathleen Edwards | Artist to Know