Curated Private Events

We curate live music performances, and bring them to you, your space, and your friends (employees instead of friends?).

Middle State was created with the intent of helping you find music that fits you and your lifestyle, by whatever means possible. So why not share this experience of discovery with others? Let us transform your space- whether it be your office building or your favorite brewery- into a music venue that will entertain,  bring together, and inspire your colleagues via hand-picked music and musicians guaranteed to fit the lifestyle and personalities specific to your organization. 


Step 1: Consultation

In order to get a grasp on which music and musicians would fit your organization's event best, Middle State visits your space, environment, and people. Here, we ask ourselves, "What bands, music, or artists would fit your group and your environment? How can we make this experience as  memorable as possible for everyone involved?"


Step 2: Planning

Once Middle State has assessed your particular requests and needs of your organization, leave the rest to us. From here, we begin the process of finding artist(s) that will ensure you and your constituents' satisfaction at a location you never expected to find it.  During this process, you can expect steady communication from the Middle State staff about your event, including dates, times, attendance, and event details. 


Step 3: Execution

Here comes the fun part. Ever see an NPR Tiny Desk concert? Now imagine that experience in your own space, transformed into an inspiring, communal memory by music and people. Enjoy live music in a setting you never expected it.

Why Bring a Musical Performance to your work place? 

Workplace culture is a hot topic in the business community.  Study after study has shown it's become a high priority among employees in determining where they work and how long they stay.  We would like to bring you an unique opportunity to bolster your culture in an holistic way.  We all know the power of music, we would like to harness that energy and divert it into your workplace and culture.